Sensitiv Imago


Leading diagnostics training. Sensitiv Imago

Partner companies within the Alfa-Med ltd holding provide educational trainings. These trainings are oriented to teaching trainees skills for correct operation of diagnostic devices which estimate health state (Sensitiv imago computerized health diagnostics). Scheduled lessons for groups of trainees are held in two Russian cities: Moscow and Omsk. Moscow sessions take place 3 times per month and last 4 days. In Omsk classes take place once in two months. Our experts teach either on intramural or extramural basis to the following topics: Sensitiv imago, Metapathia, Valeo, Valeoscan, Imago DT, Imago 0505, Sensitive aur-um.

During the training you will be able:

  • to get competent answers to any questions;
  • to compare Sensitiv imago diagnostic units with Oberon and Metatron tools;
  • to purchase Sensitiv imago devices and programmes for health state diagnostics;
  • to improve your qualification with the diagnostic unit engineer"s help while receiving individual training;
  • to learn more about advanced developments.

Our experts can purposely arrive into your country for individual training. The schedule of trainings and presentations in other cities of the world you can find here. Terms of training are settled individually. Contact administrator to clarify certain dates. Here is an example of extramural training.