• The Sensitiv imago

    The Sensitiv imago

    Bioresonance machine for full check-up of the human body health

    It is the latest advance in bio-resonance technology and can do a complex scan and balancing of the human body

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    A 14-day way to set up your own health center

    Fourteen days are needed to prepare and deliver equipment, and to train personnel. Sensitiv Imago is widely used at wellness centers in the United States, Europe and Russia

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We have been producing
since 2001

We develop and produce diagnostic and therapeutic complexes for preclinical health assessment.


Research work is carried out by doctors and engineers of the highest category from different countries

quality control system

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is used at the production stage

Sensitiv imago

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Sensitiv Imago - it is the latest advance in bio-resonance technology and can do a complex scan and balancing of the human body. It can identify the pathological processes in the early stages where traditional methods like ultrasound are not effective.

Sensitiv Imago aligns itself with the organs electromagnetic frequencies, processing the data and providing biological norm frequencies to balance deviations. It can also identify and detect viruses, bacterial and allergens. From the results, it is able to ascertain and recommend the correct supplements, food, herbs and other products to allow the body to recover.

About Sensitiv imago

Computer Health diagnostics Sensitiv imago

The Sensitiv Imago device for health estimation, manufactured by our company, allows not only to increase the quality of provided services, but will also play an important role in enhancing the prestige of your center

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3 classes of Sensitiv imago devices

100% of the devices sold have successfully passed bench tests

Production Sensitiv imago maсhines

More and more clients of our’s are succeeding in holistic business. Become one of them!

Alfa-Tech companies group is developing and manufacturing hardware-software complexes for the health diagnostic testing. Research work is performed by the PhD and doctors of medical, biological and technical sciences. Taking into account the consumer's interest and different level of financial investments Holding factories are manufacturing 2 Classes of Sensitiv imago devices.

New technologies used in the devices manufacturing allow to increase the range of the possibilities in the diagnostics together with allowing to work at the “See, what's hidden” principle

The ALFA-MED Company developed high-tech diagnostic equipment – SensitivE Audit and Sensitiv Imago

Buying Sensitive Imago you receive:

  1. Opportunity to help people become healthy
  2. Ready-made probe-tested business plan for development of your personal highly-profitable business
  3. Chance to succeed and grow rich, your income will depend only on your desire
  4. Business availability in many countries worldwide
  5. High-technology equipment, 100% unique
  6. Quality meeting 5SI system standards, higher than ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003. Acknowledged by international and Russian certificates
  7. Free 4-day tuition on theory and practice in our training centers: on the spot and distantly
  8. International diploma issued after passing qualifying course
  9. Technical maintenance 14 hours a day
  10. Constant consulting and technical support
  11. Access to timely regular software update
  12. Exchange of an old device for a more advanced model on a preferential basis

You are asking where you can seize new opportunities. In Alfa-Tech LLC. Read more about the history and work of the holding you can read on official website Alfa-med

Bioresonance scanning

To-day, computer health diagnostics for the organism (bioresonance scanning) is particularly popular amongst health conscious people. Aware of potential health issues, it becomes easy to diagnose problems with the computer diagnostic functions of the Sensitiv Imago in a just a few minutes, detailing any organ of the body causing incipient illness. With the correct diagnosis opportunity is given to seek help from an appropriate specialist, and to start treatment immediately.

This method of diagnosis of all organs and systems of the body is absolutely safe for people of all ages

With the help of the computer program Sensitiv imago can: identify various diseases, even in the symptomless stage of illness development;

  • The weakest systems and organs
  • Occurrence and activity of pathological processes
  • Presence and activity of microorganisms
  • Sensitivity to contaminants, allergens, food additives
  • Sensitivity to energoinformational burdens
  • Presumable inherited predispositions