Sensitiv Imago

Fake devices

The Alfa-Med high-tech center draws its clients "and partners" attention to the fact that the company doesn"t cooperate with the “Institute of Psychophysics” organization. This is a pseudo and sham institution. The Alfa-Med center has never had any contractual relationship with it. The so called “institute” states that it owns the inventions and trademarks that were in fact officially registered by Alfa-Med holding"s subsidiaries. Thus, the “Institute of Psychophysics” portrays misleading information

Plagiarism and false representation in the market bioresonance therapy

Alfa-Med has contractual relations with just a few partner organizations. These are companies from different countries that purchase licenced technologies from the Alfa-Med center and sell diagnostic devices using their own trade names. The “Institute” has no such association with our technologies. It has never bought, and is not going to purchase Alfa-Med"s licenced technologies. Instead of this, members of the “institute” try to integrate our inventions into their own diagnostic units. They haven"t managed to break our stronghold and that"s why they criticize and attack Alfa-Med in an attempt to acquit themselves in their own eyes.

After the “Institute of Applied Psychophysics” had been founded, its initiators after a while organized a new “academy”. This newly organized structure"s status impresses, but in reality the “academy” consists of 4 close relatives pursuing aims that are quite definitely far from being scientific. Newly-qualified “academicians” imbed into medical diagnostic devices equivocal technologies and use borrowed brands as a cover, passing them off as their own. During the period of its existence the “academy” has never purchased licenced programs from Alfa-Med holdings. However, in their PR campaigns the representatives of the “institute” and “academy” consistently claim their legal right to our technologies.

Watch your step!

Watch your step every time you buy diagnostic devices. Study and check the equipment offered. Consult our experts and don"t deal with little-known retailers. Trust only reliable companies with an unblemished reputation!

After-effects of plagiarism and imitations use

Trust only reliable companies with an unblemished reputation!

Alfa-Med holding offers the 4th generation Sensitiv imago devices with an ultimate high-tech security level. We use multilayer cards in our equipment which are impossible to reproduce or forge. Our medical diagnostic equipment was awarded a blue ribbon by the European Union in the “Innovative Advanced Technologies” category. You can always rely on the high quality, safety and authenticity of Alfa-Med holding"s equipment.

Obtain a reward for information about fraudsters!

If you happen to come across illegal, unauthorized use of our licenced software or equipment, please feel free to notify us about it. Contact Alfa-Med holding"s security department. We guarantee rewarding valuable and reliable information.

Information reference from Alfa-Med

The Alfa-Med high-tech center brings to its clients "and partners" notice that since 2004 the company is not producing and not selling equipment under such trademarks as: “Imago DT”, “Aur-um”. Many devices haven"t been properly certified because of insecure, unsafe design and faulty construction. They were designated as out-of-date equipment. The mentioned units have never been mass-produced. The former Alfa-Med research engineer Mr.Boott has no association with the recent model range of Alfa-Med devices that have received international and Russian certificates and awards.

In addition, our former assistant became an “academician” of a nameless “academy”. This fact does even more to discredit confidence in him as a research engineer, and also therefore to his projects.

One of the subdivisions of the “Boott and partners” company in Novosibirsk has entirely lost its status and was closed as a corporate entity. This organization advertised counterfeit tools and marketed them with Alfa-Med documents that discredited the Alfa-Med name. Substandard equipment was passed off as exclusive engineering. A group of “professors” in charge of the “academician” were mentioned as research engineers. In practice, equipment turned out to be not only inefficient but bad for health as well! Excessive outgoing electromagnetic noise, the absence of a filtration system, the lack of a load control assembly and a system of binary analyzers SBA and many other faults make these devices completely unsuitable for functional usage. Deviation into bioenergetics, chakras state identification and amulet therapy discredit the medical efficacy of Boot"s devices. Moreover these “masterpieces” carry a built-in touristic compass (called magnetic turning), one of the author"s early pictures, a trademark in the shape of an inscribed into female body egg, stripped resistor in a headphone (called in honor of its creator – Boott"s detector). So it seems a desire for fame preoccupies Mr. Boott; recognition from decent opponents eludes him and prompts him to disrespect Alfa-Med holdings.