Sensitiv Imago

Business plan

A 14-day way to set up your own health center

Sensitiv Imago is widely used at wellness centers in the United States, Europe and Russia. This unique device is particularly common at disease prevention centers applying alternative therapies and dietary food supplements. Taking into account the consumer's interest and different level of financial investments Holding factories are manufacturing 2 Classes of SENSITIV IMAGO devices

Steps, costs, profits
  • Fourteen days are needed to prepare and deliver equipment, and to train personnel
  • And just two weeks are required, after purchasing the device and the software, to start receiving patients and earning a profit
One-patient diagnostic testing takes 40-90 minutes

A one-patient scanning procedure, lasting 40 to 90 minutes, is sufficient for a medical professional to make the diagnosis, to consult the patient at length on the results obtained and to recommend therapy options. Overall, your office could manage up to six clients on a daily basis.

 Basic classBusiness class
  6 visitors x $80 (average price) 6 visitors x $200 (average price)
Per day $480 $1,200
  $480 x 21 working days $1,200 x 21 working days
A month $10,080 $25,200
Less Rental fee, equipment amortization, taxes etc (65%)
  Less error (5%)
  Sensitiv Imago - Professional class Sensitiv Imago - Business class
Net Profit In 1 Month $3,024 $7,560

About us

  1. The Holding consists of scientific, experimental, educational and manufacturing enterprises.
  2. Company’s activities are standardized according to ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003, all equipment modifications are endowed with international and Russian certificates, which guarantees their full application safety and high quality.
  3. 100% of the devices sold have successfully passed bench tests
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