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Bioresonance – nature of the phenomenon

Bio-resonance phenomenon and a human

All happenings in the nature are really the constant information exchange that have an electromagnetic nature. This is a constant process that is happening by the strict rules and we study it – thus achieving the ability to know important details about the inspection subject, and then to use this information. Certain biorhythm is specific for all living organisms – human as well. In this case current process is called bio-resonance.

Nature of bio-resonance is not completely discovered completely. Some scientists believe that this is sort of “planet pulse” – the way how universe is controlling the processes in it. That is likely informational energy of the Earth allowing living beings to adjust to the changes ecology of the world.

Bio-magnetic oscillations are produced by any living cell. Pluricellular organisms are creating (in complex) the wide field emitting the waves of the specific length. When the internal organs are healthy and all systems are working with no failures – electromagnetic “profile” (“portrait”) is no different from the standard one – the one specific for a healthy person. But should the ailment appear – disease, virus or infection – and the “profile” is being violated with the new frequencies, called “pathological ones”.

Sarchuk V.N., Academician of the International Academy of Energy Information Sciences, says: “Structurally the physical human body is the synergy of all cells’ fields of the organism. Cells are created from the separate atoms and molecules having the characteristics of the nuclear and atomic torsion fields, and are the source of formation for the torsion fields of the cells. Altogether, they create the person’s torsion field – important part of the complete biological field. That means that the structure of the biological field contain torsion component bearing the information about the whole organism. Thus, energetic fields of the organisms are having the complex structure including each for of energy known to the modern physics”.

Understanding the nature of bio-resonance effect do not require any special knowledge. You would require only the basic school level knowledge to have the understanding of the organism – being the complex and multi-profile bio-magnetic system. Signals emitted by this system are having the different nature:

  • -Harmonic, thus not resonating with the general biorhythm – they evidence the good health level;
  • -Disharmonic or pathological – signal the ailment appearance.

If you will imagine a living cell of the organism – you will discover the tight electrically charged membrane around it. When the pathogenic viral cell approaches it – the “bounce” effect is being triggered with the consequent pulsation. For us this is sort of “Danger!” signal. The only thing needed is to master the knowledge of detecting these microscopic signals and learn how to oppose the danger as soon as possible.

In reality such technology is existing. It allows to study the electromagnetic field of the human and understand all complicated signals and ambient background can be performed with the complex medical devices. Point is that each of the hundreds diseases and viruses are characterized with the specific frequency – strictly individual, like fingerprints of a human. The only thing left is to scan the electromagnetic field of the human – and device will determine the foreign frequency and identify it.

Thus, bio-resonance test is in the inspection of the electromagnetic field of the human and in search for the pathological signals of the specific frequency. The very minimal deviations from the standard condition are being detected – and not only the type of the pathogen is determined, but the area of affection as well – which organ is attacked. Accuracy of such diagnostic is extremely – and this method is one of the least expensive possible. The last but not the least is the fact that our device is completely harmless. So disease can be eliminated without using the self-destructive drugs therapy.

Bioresonance – nature of the phenomenon. Bio-resonance phenomenon and a human
Bioresonance – nature of the phenomenon

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