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TempoHeart module

TempoHeart module

SensitivE Audit complex, basic equipment


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TempoHeart module recognized as the most informative non-invasive method for quantifying the autonomic regulation of heart rhythm.

- all modules connected to the base unit SensitivE Audit

  • basic equipment Sensitive Audit complex TempoHeart
  • basic equipment Sensitive Audit complex Linebia
  • basic equipment Sensitive Audit complex Neurostim
  • basic equipment Sensitive Audit complex Dinamicbia
  • basic equipment Sensitive Audit complex TempoLab
  • basic equipment Sensitive Audit complex Energonformational Field

Module Configuration:

  1. arterial pulse receptor
  2. modular block on the motherboard
  3. Heart rate variability section in the LifeStream program

Analysis conducted by the heart rate variability module shows the state of mechanisms engaged in regulating physiological functions of the human body: the general activity of regulatory mechanisms, balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system, intensity of the body's adaptive response when exposed to stress factors,

This method allows to evaluate:

  • heart rate's vegetative regulation
  • the functional status of regulatory body systems based on an integrated approach to the blood circulatory system as an indicator of the entire body's adaptation activity
  • predict the risk of myocardial infarction, hypertensive crises and cerebral accidents
  • detect most-at-risk groups as regards heart rate extra stability; assess the level of stress, the degree of strain in regulatory systems when exposed to extreme and sub-extreme influences
  • make a cold evaluation of the autonomic nervous system's reaction when the body is exposed to electromagnetic fields

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