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Sensitiv imago 130

Sensitiv imago 130


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Bioresonance Therapy Device

- category: Professional models

Model is discontinued. (Individual order is possible for consignments)


  • Equipped with new generation peripherals.
  • Has a specific power supply block with protection system.
  • Furnished with new connector sockets for the peripherals hook-up.
  • Equipped with more advanced hand sensors of new generation.
  • Physical configuration of the device is redesigned.
  • The interface block includes:
    1. SBA sensors – 100 pieces;
    2. “floating” load generator;
    3. automatic alignment and calibration block;
    4. block of digital and analog filters;
    5. two magneto-optical chambers;
    6. infrared detector (IR detector) with an embedded feedback unit.
  • The only model of series 100 officially authorized for sale on the territory of the EU countries.
  • The models are produced on a European material basis. Assembly, materials and soldering comply with the EU standards.
  • Sensitiv imago 130 device is assembled according to the new European quality management standards 9001.
  • Certified in Europe as a monitoring device of non-vital physiological parameters of the body. Certification of this model was performed in compliance with the new standards and rules accepted in EU in March 2016.
  • Has 2-year warranty.

Device is assembled in close cooperation with experts from Germany. The equipment has passed all the necessary certification of the EU, and now fully meets the requirements for the devices that employ computer diagnosis of a human body. It has all the required certificates and authorization documents. Factory assembly of diagnostic devices is performed according to ISO 9001 standards. Each device, delivered to a customer, regardless of a model and importing country, passes a ten-day test in a special laboratory AFK System, which allows to exclude low efficiency of the equipment and its systems.

Life Stream
Mains voltage
~110 V (±10% ), P ≤4,5 VA
Power-line frequency
60±1 hz
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight (kg)

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