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It turned out to be that for such a price you could afford nothing else but a fake device. But it became clear only a year later. The proverb “A cheapskate pays twice” is really true! So I turned to be that cheapskate and bought a “Christmas toy” for 60 thousand roubles. Later, after my patient’s complaint, a had a check of Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development and all hell broke loose… It took me half a year to smooth everything out. Of course I didn’t manage to find the firm which had sold me the device – it doesn’t exist any more. I found in Internet information about Alfa-Med’s promotional offer, when they exchanged fake devices for legal diagnostic medical equipment. Now I work comfortably and with a clear conscience. And the same I wish to all of you.

I would like to caution everybody against fake devices. Don’t economize on the equipment, that can tarnish your reputation. Protect people’s health!

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