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keine Geräte

Having abruptly put on weight, I could not look at myself in the mirror. I am a theater employee - daily rehearsals and all sorts of private entertainments require an appropriate appearance. I didn't look decent in any of my dresses. Here and there the fat folds were visible. I had to be in a number of places in time, which is hardly possible for a woman weighting a hundred kilos.

I was streaming with sweat, it was difficult to breathe. Due to severely swelling legs I started walking with a limp and had to buy shoes of a bigger size. Blood pressure rose to 180 mm. Physical activity and nutritionists were of no help to me. I found myself out of strength to keep fighting. Someone of my relatives recommended to buy Sensitive Imago 550; I received training to understand how the quantum machine works. To do this, the company offers several course options that include both theory and practice. For convenience you can undergo them remotely, in a group or individually. Having bought the device, I changed my life dramatically. With my own eyes I saw my whole body and the problem areas on the monitor. I found a dietary pattern which helps me look after my health without gaining weight anymore. Blood pressure has returned to normal, now it stands at 120 mm.

My legs stopped swelling, sweatiness and labored breathing do not bother me at all. Finally I can buy clothes that I have long dreamt of. Performing on stage, organizing and hosting parties are now a cinch to me. The device allows permanently conduct diagnostics and watch changes in my body. All of this I owe to Sensitive Imago! Where would I be without it!

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