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The Alfa-Med high-tech center draws its clients ’and partners’ attention to the fact that the company doesn’t cooperate with the “ Institute of Psychophysics” organization. This is a pseudo and sham institution. The Alfa-Med center has never had any contractual relationship with it. The so called “institute” states that it owns the inventions and trademarks that were in fact officially registered by Alfa-Med holding’s subsidiaries. Thus, the “Institute of Psychophysics” portrays misleading information.


Today, computer health diagnostics for the organism is particularly popular amongst health conscious people. Aware of potential health issues, it becomes easy to diagnose problems with the computer diagnostic functions of the Sensitiv Imago in a just a few minutes, detailing any organ of the body causing incipient illness. With the correct diagnosis opportunity is given to seek help from an appropriate specialist, and to start treatment immediately.

Computer Health diagnostics Sensitiv imago "We see what is invisible"

The Sensitiv Imago device for health estimation, manufactured by our company, allows you to not only increase medical care quality, but will also play an important role in enhancing the prestige of your center. With Budget, Professional and Business class models, there are numerous choices available for purchase. The different modifications on Sensitv Imago, S2, Valeoskan or Valeom, Dsam or Proderm are used to study the physiological reactions and characteristics of the human organism. Our business proposition will enhance efficiency and profitability by increasing the amount of visitors to your centre.

Health care professionals in medical centers, spas, salons, as well as individual entrepreneurs realize the importance of equipping with the latest high tech diagnostic devices With fierce competition, inflated prices and a wide range of services only the best agencies will be chosen that can provide the service and expertise to examine the organism by computer diagnostics with guaranteed accuracy. For this reason the Sensitiv Imago is a must for your clinic. It is found in many centers around the world.

Doctors and scientists who use computer diagnostic methods to resolve problems have expressed a high opinion of the Sensitiv Imago device. They have determined that this new method allows them to quickly and accurately diagnose problems with the human organism; even minor disorders that if left unattended may develop into serious illness. Wave Theory, the underlying principle of the device, allows focus and the accurate investigation and prognosis of disturbances in the human organism and thus early detection of serious medical problems. Consequently, the Sensitiv Imago "We see what is invisible" is real and not fiction.

Computer diagnostic devices, delivered to clients, include customized software for specific requirements: Sensitiv imago, Metapatya, Valeo, Hunter, Imago.

We sell the very latest cutting edge equipment for health diagnostics and will add an additional range of services that will be appreciated by your customers.

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